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Aug 01, 2012 by Kim

I visited your store for the first time and enjoyed the yogurt. I applaud your efforts to provide tasty treats that are both natural and healthy while at the same time trying to combat the national trend toward obesity. I would like to suggest, however, that a simple way to discourage obesity is to offer smaller cups at your store. I barely filled the "small" cup half-way and had 8 ounces of yogurt (and more than enough room for toppings). I suggest a smaller cup would help people take a reasonable portion without overdoing it. No matter how healthy or low in sugar, too much of something is still too much and will still contribute to being overweight.

May 18, 2012 by Antonio Brooks

I must say that my overall impression of Josie's is great! I do wish that the location that serves my needs were larger but it is pretty and very personable with the employees. That brings me to the point of my extreme dissatisfaction. I'm military and I've been around the country to different frozen yogurt shops and Josie's is definitely in the top. What brings me down about it is that when I go in sometimes there is a particular employee (who usually is not wearing a name tag so it took me a while to figure out who she was) who is very rude. That is putting it very, plainly. This employee's name is Katy When I come in, I am not greeted at all. I am not asked about trying a free sample of the newest flavors. I am usually given a feeling of not being wanted or why did I just come in when she was totally relaxing not serving any customers. To a first timer, that may make them never want to come back. Luckily, I have been there when other employees are working so I know that this is not always the case. Also, to add to her pitiful record, when I walk to the counter to pay she usually has a nasty attitude, snatches my credit card, and literally tosses it back to me. I have to ask for a spoon and a lid just because one, she does not and two, because I cannot consume my yogurt with such a disgruntled and poor sight of professionalism. With that being said, I spoke to her assistant manager, Sam about her actions. Sam, is one of the few who are extremely polite and kind. She listened to my complaints and seemed like she cared. She handled the situation well and apologized for the matter. Sam told me she would speak to the young lady about the situation but if I noticed that the issues continued or became worse to contact the General Manager. Sadly, the issues have continued. So, I contacted the General Manager, Jason and if I didn't know better, with his response I would think that Katy and Jason are related. His response to the matter was completely different than Sam's. Unlike Sam, he didn't show a lick of concern. He acted like he was busy enough and that the situation was out of his hands. Never, have I ever interacted with such incompetence! Now, I do have some other great experiences. I hate to tarnish a place's reputation based on a few bad apples because this location does have another GREAT apple! An employee by the name of Justin, is the epitome of what his peers should emulate in every sense. He is personable, friendly, kind, sincere and always has a smile on his face. He maintains great bearing and never over exerts himself where the interaction becomes odd or weird. His personality is such so unique. He connects with the customer, anticipates my needs, listens with undivided attention to suggestions or concerns I may have, knows the machines well enough to assist others in a manner that is simple to understand and he knows how to apologize. Many employees I have encountered over the years do not know how to accept complaints and critiques. Justin is the exception. When something goes wrong, he can apologize effectively. One day a machine stopped working suddenly and Justin knew the right thing to say and how to handle the situation. Justin immediately dealt with the situation while also offering suggestions to other flavors (my favorite ran out that day.) So, before I conclude, I must bring up this note. Justin and Sam are two exceptional employees. But, one day, sometime last week, I came in and the excellent Justin was working. For the first time in nearly 6 months since I have going to Josie's I saw Justin a little down. He dismissed it as nothing and put on his usual smile but I could tell something was wrong. So, I pressed him and he told me that his General Manager has been for some time making him uncomfortable to work. Justin deliberately stated numerous times that he loves his job and the close interaction he can have with customers but that it was beginning to take its toll due to Jason's constant barrage of demeaning attacks and harsh reviews of Justin's performance. Personally, I think the kid is a shinning star and his boss is very, bad-mannered. I know from speaking with him about Katy As a customer, I felt so bad to see an employee who constantly shinned say that they felt the work they do go either unappreciated or completely unnoticed. The shocker to this is even worse when I learned from Justin that his boss called him out of his name due to his sexual orientation. Now, I can tolerate the issue of Mr. Jason ignoring my concern about the naughty employee Katy But, when I heard from Justin, a GREAT AND BEYOND EXCEPTIONAL employee that he was being harmed emotionally by his boss, I felt that it was time to contact corporate executives immediately. The trash has been piling up and the leadership at this location in Sierra Vista, AZ needs an immediate overhaul to that my complaints and concerns are not echoed throughout the area and sales begin to take an astounding hit. This shop is adorable in every way and Justin and Sam make it so. It pains me to see that Katy and the head boss, Jason are tearing it down. Please, review my complaints, commend Justin and Sam for their great deeds and exceptional customer satisfaction and audit and assess Mr. Jason's actions. Thank you for reading this and Good Day.

A pregnancy craving!!!

Apr 01, 2012 by Brittany

While pregnant with my daughter, I was extremely sick and everything I ate made it ten times worse. My husband was extremely excited to hear about Josie's opening in Vegas. . . .and he was more thrilled to hear about the health benefits. During the entire pregnancy, Josie's was not only a craving for me but it was our Sunday routine. Sometimes it was our Saturday and Sunday routine. Now that my daughter is a year old, we have made her involved in our weekend Josie's routine! It brings back so many pregnancy memories when I see our little munchkin enjoying a spoonful of Josie's Yogurt! My husband chants while driving around doing our errands, "JOSIES JOSIES JOSIES!!!" and we know that it's time for our sweet ending to an enjoyable and blessed family day!

Thank you Josie's for becoming a part of the KUPAU FAMILY TRADITION!!!

Feb 21, 2012 by Michael

Just went to the new location in Tucson Az. I have got to say that this is an amazing place. Not only is it delicious, but reasonably priced. Huge variety of flavors and great toppings. I am so happy I live only minutes away. Be back soon.


Jan 20, 2012 by Melissa

Truly heaven in a cup!!!!!!!! Best Fro Yo I have ever had!!!!

I'm In Love

Jan 09, 2012 by Justin Brackett

Joise's is amazing. The only thing better than their yogurt is their service.

Great Stuff

Jan 06, 2012 by Edgar

I wish my blood was Josie's Yogurt!

Josie's Yogurt , USA 4.4 5.0 7 7 I visited your store for the first time and enjoyed the yogurt. I applaud your efforts to provide tasty treats that are both natural and healthy while at the same time trying to c

It's October 09, 2012 at 11:01AM! Doesn't a frozen yogurt sound great?!

Josie's Yogurt Josie's Yogurt

It's October 08, 2012 at 11:01AM! Doesn't a frozen yogurt sound great?!

Josie's Yogurt Josie's Yogurt

It's October 07, 2012 at 11:01AM! Doesn't a frozen yogurt sound great?!

Josie's Yogurt Josie's Yogurt

It's October 06, 2012 at 11:01AM! Doesn't a frozen yogurt sound great?!

Josie's Yogurt Josie's Yogurt